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About Steadfast Jack Russell Terriers

Hello and Welcome, 

My name is Carrie LaCombe and my passion is the "real" Jack Russell Terrier.  

I have had JRTs since 1991 when I rescued my 1st one. I moved to the midwest in 1996 and realized that they were more than just feisty companions.  I purchased my first JRT from Karen Fitzpatrick of Meadowlake JR Terriers.  From the Midwest JRT Club I learned about working terriers in the field which has become the main focus of my breeding program. 

My kennel name Steadfast means to be "resolutely or dutifully firm and unwavering."  Exactly what I look for in a terrier that is in the field or sleeping on my couch. While working my dogs in the field my primary focus, I can be found at the JRTCA Trials, mostly at the agility ring, my second passion. 

I breed infrequently  and all my dogs are tested for PLL, SCM, and DM or are normal by descent.  My pups are raised in my home using Avidog and Puppy Culture to expose them to a wide variety of sights and sounds prior to leaving for their new homes. 

Below is a picture of my foundation bitch; The Chesapeake Kobe NHC,  She is represented in all my current dogs pedigrees!

received_1197920117633158 (1).jpeg
The Chesapeake Kobe.JPG
The Chesapeake Kobe
Carrie LaCombe


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